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tv   America Live  FOX News  July 1, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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asking for asylum in russia interesting that putin said he is not welcome there. more coverage on america live. thank you for joining us everybody. bye-bye. >> fox news alert from the george zimmerman murder trial. where one of the most highly anticipated witnesses in the trial could take the stand later this afternoon. an fbi audio expert spoke about the 911 call in the death. that expert suggested it is almost impossible to determine whether that scream came from trayvon martin or george zimmerman at least in expert testimony. he called a notion absurd. but we are expecting to hear from someone with more direct
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ties to this case. as former sanford police detective chris sarinno was the initial lead detectives in this case and stepped down after his report was criticized for being too favorable to zimmerman's side of the story, phil? >> megyn, the detective is legally represented from jose ba ez because he fears being prosecuted for the testimony made last year. first sanford police officer doris singleton, the first cop to interview zimmerman after the shooting that night. it was an audio interview to have zimmerman to explain how and why he had shot and killed an unarmed teenager. in her report and zimmerman
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claims he spotted martin as suspicious because he had not seen him before. he had circled the car. >> he jumped out of the bushes and said what is your problem, hombe. he said you have a problem with me punching you in the nose. moments later in the interview, zimmerman explains why he shot martin one time in the chest and the 17 old's final words. >> he said you're going to die tonight. his head went down to the side. and i pulled out my fire arm and shot him. >> you were on the ground. >> i am on the back and he's on top of me and i just shot him
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and he falls off and like all right, you got it, you got it. inside of the courtroom, martin's parents listened to the record and this testimony without giving any reaction. but big witness testimony by trayvon's mother is yet to come and that is expected to be incredibly emotional when the prosecutors will put her on the stand and she will identify for the jury the screams were her jor. that was the prosecution questions of the fbi audio expert sometimes where there are screams, family members identifying the person screaming are more reliable than the scientific method. megyn. >> phil, thank you. >> it is a big of a mess. she is going to testify that it was trayvon martin and good by, sxhil and her husband had
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earlier, trayvon's father had earlier said that that was not his son. he believed it to be mr. zimmerman and not his son. this is a tough position for the parents and query of whether it will be all that helpful to the jor. we'll bring you that testimony live as it happens. and when we do, we'll have expert analysis with high profile criminal cases and with mr. sarinno. jose ba ez who represented casy anthony and got her acquitted and chris sarinno, the legal trouble in which he may have found himself in connection with the case, he will join us with his scorecard in the trial and what he would do in this case whether or not george zimmerman's team shouldine think right now about putting george zimmerman on the stand.
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fox news alert in the growing unrest in egypt. the military there ared a 48 hour ultimatum for president morsi and opponents to figure out a resolution or the military will resolve the crisis. this as we are seeing massive protest in egypt biggest since president hosany was drin from power. we have chris, host of power play. chris, you in your power play piece today talk about the obama doctrine. we are watching it play out in egypt and syria and to an extent libya as well. it is a question of whether it is collapsing or failing or whether it is just in danger. define what you think it is and
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what we are seeing in the screen in egypt and elsewhere is calling it into syria question. >> egypt and libya would be the best examples of the obama doctrine for the middle east and that is using islamist groups as an in between phase and you have a theocrazy and you help the islamist take power and replacing and toppling secullar governments as they did in libya and egypt and they midwife. they are a transitional phase before the flouring of western style democracy and that is not expressly muslim and that hasn't happen yet in those countries we have had a lot of problems in the countries including the sacking of the u.s. diplomatic outpostin benghazi, libya and the killing of the u.s.
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ambassador there. and the islamist government we helped to put in place of old friend mubarak. things are not going well there. syria is the big test. there are not modern islamist theocrates in syria they are badly outnumbered by al-qaeda affiliate types and how the doctrine plays out is anybody's guess. >> as we watch millions of people in egypt to protest. egypt is a hot mess. there is no way of putting it. unemployment is through the roof and it is a downward spiral economically and the regime is cracking down on reform and it is people are unhappy with the way the country is ruled and in the meantime the economy is faultering in a horrendous way
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and has many upset. the question is, is it? is this when the obama doctrine comes through and it goes from a muslim brotherhood leadership to a western style, popular you know, secullar government just as president obama dreamed? >> maybe or maybe not. the number of people who are less tolerant islamist in egypt outnumber the muslim brotherhood. we helped to elevate a moderate portion of islamist in egypt and this may be the sol50 group that comes in to say we need the real deal and go hard line. or maybe it is the moment when a military junta looks good
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again. it is the moment where we say general, have it. we'll cope the billions in aid flowing and make sure it doesn't turn out a despotic friend of teheran with 80 million people. and we'll abandon the obama doctrine in favor of something that works. >> we don't have assurance and we are looking at syria and we are now arming the rebel groups and funneling money to them. and they just beheaded a catholic priests as others stood and cheered while it happen over the weekend, there is a question of what assurances we are able to extract from the u.s. government about who we are helping and what the future holds? wheelhave more in a minute. chris, thank you. we are tracking a developing
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story in arizona. 19 firefighters killed overnight in phoenix. that team was trying to save lives and head off a wildfires near the down of ya rnell when a southern shift in the wind trapped and killed them all. we'll have more in congress, arizona, will? >> mi hi, megyn, i am in front of highway 89 and this is the road they raced down as they went into the fire. look at the video. they were told, the best of the best. granite mountain hot shots ran into the worst possible conditions. a full investigation has been launched to figure out what happened yesterday. but there are still crews on the front line and they are trying to pull themselves together and they tell us this is no time to be distracted. >> these are the worst days, for
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the firefighters. and i wished i had better news to report to you after the fatalities yesterday. we gathered firefighters in the incident command post, and in our briefing, held a moment of silence for our fallen comrades and the families. one member survived while the 194 fights died. megyn, i want to live you with a headline from the local paper. one word sums it up. tragedy. >> the firefighters were trapped and forced to deploy emergency fire shelters and they prepare for the situations but this one was too much. this is still shots from the training exercise they took part back in may. and showing how to use the
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shelters which they never had to deploy until yesterday. it is made of a material that can reflect heat but can get up to 200 degrees inside of these things and provide breathable air. it is the absolute last resort if the fire fights can't find a safe zone and the governor of arizona saying this is the darjedar darjedar darjedar darjest -- darkest day. >> winning praise for an effort to detrail the state of texas vote on late term abortion. they wanted to shorten them from 24 to 20 week among other measures. we'll look at whether wendy davis is really a heroine. and fierce debate as alec baldwin gets a pass after a gay
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rant and paula deen is vilified on remarks made 30 years ago. >> some thought it was a stunt in the cirque du soleil, but it was not.
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>> new questions of whether there are double standards for some after alec baldwin went on a rant last week. he took aim at a tabloid reporter who claims that baldwin's wife was tweeting in the funeral. he had apologized for the remarks but these are the remarks. >> my wife and i attend a funeral to pay respect to a funeral of a friend and a toxic brit writes the bleep in trash. i am going to find you george tashing, you toxic little queen and i am going to blank you up.
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endquote. joining me is michelle ma lcol'm. and now some in the gay community called a guy a toxic little queen and said he was going to put the food up the guy's you know what. and this is alec baldwin conflict resolution approach. you know what happened, michelle? his publicist or agent said alec what are you doing. he said i apologize and i department mean it and glad doesn't seem that upset. they took the apology and said his words doesn't match the history of actively supporting our community. >> yes, how lovely to have such apologyist rush to your side and excuse homophobic slurs and far worst, at twitchy we looked at
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his entire melt town and it went far beyond idle attacks on the reporter who admitted that he had gotten the story wrong. but alec bald win ended up doing was levelled death threats against the guy. i will be tweeting at your funeral and this is just part and parcel of the anger management candidates meltdown, public meltdowns over the years. it is one thing for celebrities to go through their hollywood bad by stage. but this is a geezer. we are talking about the leader of the geriatric brat pack who has now threatened reporters physically. it was not just implied or a joke given his apology afterwards now. but also gone after ste wardesses on ierls that
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reprimanded for refusing to follow airline safety rules and it goes back to sad and horrible personal situationed in which he threatened his own daughter. he has issues with women and issues with men. and issues with everybody. >> i want to talk to you about that. who could forget the infamous voice mail to his own child whom he didn't think was calling him back and he was all upset in 2007. here is a sample. be ready friday and i will let you know what i think you are. rude thoughtless little pig. >> does he get a pass because his anger is indiscriminate? >> he gets a pass for a number of reasons and one is being part of the hollywood establishment,
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and hilary rosen who herself engaged in distaftful speech against ann romney is a childhood friend of alec bald win and rushed to his side and said he's given money to charity and a really good guy and so never mind his rude and boorish behavior. give the guy a pass. >> the double standard between how paula deen has been vilified and crucified and versus alec baldwin is a trenchant point. >> why is it. you know who else have given a lot of money to charity is rush limbaugh. millions and millions and when he took aim at sandra flukeƱr a forced to a pollized and he lost advertisers and the blow back continues to this day.
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and his charitable pass political speech and alec baldwin. >> rush limbaugh is trying to make a idea logical political point and arguing on public policy groupeds and sometimes he does it in entertaining ways or pushes the edge. but never the kind of completely untethered hate speech and physical threats that alec bald win has been responsible for over the years. and this is a question for viewers and fans and for people who are concerned about how people are held accountable and the narratives that are played out in the media. why is it capitol one is not called on the carpet for standing by alec baldwin or hulu or bonefish grill or advertisers that continue to stand by alec baldwins as he continues the meltdown. someone is going to get hurt one of these days.
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>> coming up. george zimmerman went back to the crime scene and the man who took him there is on the stand. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day,
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>> wore just minutes away from the new's conference from the 19 elite fire fights killed overnight in phoenix. that team was trying to head off a wild fire and a sudden shift in the wind trapped and killed them all. this fire continues to burn out of control. they had said 0 percent contained earlier today. and when they come out to the microphones to explain the status now, we'll take you there live. in florida, one atheist group managed to erect a monument to nonbelief in front of a local courthouse. it sits next to a granite slab of the ten commandments.
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trace gallinger has the update. >> it is for a group that can't beat them, they join them. >> they tryed to get the commandment's remove friday the courthouse. it was placed thereby a men's christian group. it was in a fro speech and they were told it stays. they were told they could put their bench. >> listen. american atheist is here to place a bench challenging the notion that the ten commandments are good and challenging that the america is a christian nation. we have quotes from the founding fathers saying we are not a christian nation. >> it is from thomas jefferson and ben franklin and john adams
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and lists the punishment of the ten commandments. christian groups came out to protest and blaring christian music and honk for jesus. and locals say they will not fight this monument, listen. >> certainly as christians, we rather not so the monument and if we have a choice of removing the ten commandments or those with an opposing view. let the people of america decide which one is the real truth? >> the first atheist monument that we know of. and american atheist say you can look for more popping up in free speech places in the country. >> it is less than a month since the white house will announce they will aid the syrian rebels. one rebel group beheaded a catholic priest a week ago.
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we are not going to show you the video. we'll investigate whether there are safe guards in place to keep our tax dollars from going to rebel groups like this one. and imagine, you are grabbing something off of a store shelf and a man out of no where grabs your toddler and holds a knife at the child's throat. and the texas senate has a effort on abortion. and not only that the white white is thrilled about it. we'll take up the debate whether wendy is a heroine. (announcer) at scottrade, our clients trade and invest exactly how they want. with scottrade's online banking, i get one view of my bank and brokerage accounts
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>> we're following a developing
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story the murder of a catholic priest in syria it is aid to the so- called rebels. and the father was beheaded and killed by an al-qaeda- linked group and opposed to syrian president assad. this is a image showing the execution. you can see dozens of villagers watching and cheering and taking pictures, including children just celebrating the end of this man's life and two others by beheading. this comes after the obama administration will help groups trying to topple the assad regime. joining me is a four star general and former vice chief of staff in the carmy and casy mcfar lane who was deputy secretary of defense for reagan. i mean. it is, of course, we'll not she
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anything more than what is on the tape. it is disgusting and beyond words what they are doing. the question is how can we assure that our money and arms that we are going to send to help the rebels doesn't wind up in the hands of those guys >> you can vet the syrian rebel groups, but the strongest and most well organized are in fact the al-qaeda affiliates and the same people who did the beheading. i was in israel and i met with military lead sxers journalist and there is no doubt that the syria rebel groups are the al-qaeda affiliates and we turn around and arm the good guy rebels, they will not keep the weres for long because al-qaeda rebels will take them away from them. the tragedy of syria is already lost and a fight between the
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chemical weapons and assad government and as you just saw the people who are willing to behead christians who are aligned with al-qaeda. >> this guy had started a mons terry and had to take cover in a convent to minister to people and this was the end for his deeds of trying to administer the catholic faith and here we are sending money and arms and what are the beginners that that is not going to wind up in hands of groups like this one. >> this is horrific. they use public beheading mostly infedells to terrify nonbelievers and strengthen muslems in terms of the power and influence and commitment of the belief system. it is horrific behavior and that is the motivation. and secondly, there are no good
10:35 am
nights as casy said. and this much i do know. if we back away which is easy to do because it is complicated and frustrating and full of uncertainty. this is what we get rebels will not be defeated and spilling over regional war in lebanon and syria and michael jordan and israel. that is a disastrous situation and a victory for the iranians. and we have to keep our eye on the ball in the middle east in terms of iran and its huge regional objectives. can we give weapons to moderate and strengthen the word with assad. the ciowa a believes they k. the risk is there. but they minnized it.
10:36 am
clinton and petra eushgs s made this recommendation and refused. bolton said there was a window of opportunity and we miss today and waited too long. >> kt what about the last assertions. we'll wind up way regional war. if it is not dealt with, the whole region is going down. >> first if we are arming rebels that will use those to hurt americans and allies in the region, it is a mistake. i don't think it is arming al-qaeda rebels and doing nothing. we could do a lot. first of all. we could provide humanitarian assistance and shore up the michael jordan allies and make
10:37 am
sure they are strong enough so when the fighting comes to them they can withstand it. and our maggor extra test gist is chemical weapons in syria. and make sure we have the ability to go in and destroy them and secower them either. >> yeah, i want to correct myself. let me ask you general king. what if you are wrong? and you put it that way, the region will be in danger and we are feeding the controls to the radical islamist. what if you are wrong and we provide the arms and money and it winds up in the hands of al-qaeda linked groups and the beheadings and execution of children continue and we are the funders and backers of it. >> we are ceding the islamist
10:38 am
the middle east. there are anti- aircraft weapons already in the rebels hands i don't believe the administration is going to do. it they have a feckless policy when it comes to arming the rebels. i don't believe they will give them anti- aircraft weapons and anti- tank weapons and possibly give those. and there are ways to minimize the risks. we will probably put covert operators on the ground with them. they have been working with the groups for a sime. initially the cia didn't want to touch. this but they became convinced they could minimize the risk. arming the rebels would not be decisive f. you want to change the momentum that assad has put his air force on the ground and
10:39 am
take the power away. arming the rebels will not change the momentum. >> and that is a change of involvement if we went there. thank you so much. >> want to get to the new's conference. this is the mayor of prescott, arizona regarding the 19 elite firefighters killed fighting the massive wildfires in arizona. >> everybody was double in one of our schools. all of the families that were able to be there. and it was an experience and it was in the end of the day, a joy to see these young people still able to and we are proud of
10:40 am
them. this morning, we had calls from lots of places. early on, we had a telephone call from the white house to express the concern and the appreciation for what these young men did coming from the president of the united states. we appreciate that. senator mccain, from overseas, i didn't ask what country he was in. but he offered his condolence and said he would be here in 24 hours if we needed him and we respect that and appreciate it. congressman goczar had scheduled a meeting this afternoon with some of his constituents from washington to talk about the
10:41 am
problems that are going on in our capitol, and they have changed the purpose of that meeting to a event to honor the young men we are here to honor today. the community has been wonderful by bringing more food than probably this whole could eat 2 or 3 days, to be used for its purpose and helping the families at least take a break from, from the events that they would normally have had last night. that said. i have the great honor to
10:42 am
introduce a lady that we have been friends for a while. she was in los angeles this morning made a flight to phoenix and another flight to be here today. and insisted to be here to speak to you. and for what you are doing and what this is your governor jan brewer. (applause) (applause) >> well, thank you all, each and everyone of you for joining us here this morning and i am so 0 that we come together under these tragic circumstances.
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yesterday not far from where we are standing the garnle fire exploded into a fire storm that over ran the local mountain granite hot shots. 19 lives were lost. brave men who gave their lives in defense. friends and neighbors and perfect strangers. . the fighter is the deadliest fire in our state's history and that our nation dealt with in 80 years. to the friends and family of those lost yesterday, i know we can never fully repay the sacrifices made by your loved ones. but we can honor their service with our gratitude and prayer
10:44 am
and through steadfast dedication to do whatever is necessary to bring this fire under control before it causes anymore heart ache. as governor of arizona, that is my commitment to each and everyone of you. this morning, i signed a deularation of emergency to make additional state resources to fight this fire. my team and i are in close contact with the local officials and we will look to this for what they need and we are also alert other federal officials. the state requested and received a fire management assistance grant through which the federal government will cover most of the cost fighting the fire. while we mourn the firefighter's
10:45 am
lost yesterday, i want to mindful of the hundreds that remain in harm's way as they continue to battle. >> some-oddio challenges with the governor of arizona, you can see the grief of those officials in arizona with the loss of 19 elite firefighters this were lost and they were the best of the best, and known as the hot shots and they gave it their all but it was too much and the fire over came them and they had to deploy the emergency tent a paratus devices that we shed in the beginning of the she and it was too much. we'll have more on this in a few empties to talk about what else could be done and still could be done to protect the lives of the four fights that are fighting the blaze and those they are
10:46 am
trying to secure at this moment. >> we'll got back to the george zimmerman murder trial and a potential major witness who is expected to take the stand. when police took george zimmerman back to the scene of the alleged crime and reenact the shooting of martin. it is rare to she the defendant walking around the alleged crime scene again. it is not confirmed that there was a crime here and talking about what happened and he did. it mr. zimmerman did it and looks like we may hear from the investigator who was with zimmerman and made the video. and this investor may play a major role in this case despite having to step down or removed from the investigation. trace has the latest. trace? >> you make a great point. no one knows more about the
10:47 am
store tore than chris sarinno. who was the lead investigator and he spoke with george zimmerman the night of the shooting and the next day he took george zimmerman back to the complex and made a detailed reenactment of the entire scene. listen. >> the body was on the ground and my head was on the cement. >> yes, sir. that's as best as i could feel in my jacket. my body was on the grass and my head on the cement and he kept slamming at me and i was yelling help, help, help. >> and sarinno did more interviews with zimmerman and he said he was skeptical of zimmerman's account and stated the encounter between george zim scombrim trayvon martin was avoidable by zimmerman if he
10:48 am
awaited the law enforcement and concluded that no one hooey he said after speaking with trayvon martin's father tracey that the father understood why there was no charges. in his police report he recommended second-degree murder charges before settling on medicals charges and then said he was pressured by the african-american police officers within the department to make sure charges were filed, megyn. >> trace, thank you. >> when the report came under fire in the police department, he stepped back from the investigation and hired an attorney. a well known attorney who joins me now. jose ba ez is former opportunity
10:49 am
for casy anthony. and jose, great to see you again. thank you for being here. speak to chris sarinno right now. the report was too favor to zimmerman or martin and was that resolved? >> chris just wanted to tell what the investigation shows, whether it is favorable to one side or the other. >> what was the accusation that got him in trouble? >> i'm 0? >> what was the accusation and complaints, that he was siding from zimmerman or heavily favoring zimmerman or martin. he was critical of both sides. >> that's not true. he didn't receive any direct criticism. chris wanted to be able to tell the story and tell the facts as they come out and necessarily having to bow down to political pressure. remember this is the case wherer
10:50 am
fired the prosecutor on. so it was heavily -- it was politically charged and it was a situation where chris just wanted to be a good cop. >> i'm not trying to get him in trouble. i'm just trying to set it up so viewers understand what prior history was. and my understanding is, buzz i'm looking at the recordings of this back and forth he had with mr. zimmerman, and he is expressing doubts about zimmerman's version of the events. he says, this is a kid with a future. he had ice tea, skittles, $40 in cash, and it sound like he is challenging zimmerman. >> that's what police officers are trained to do. they are trained to challenge a statement given by a suspect at the time. and let's face it. that what zimmerman was. whether he went through unscathed is up to the jury.
10:51 am
>> i want to pick up with you on where you think this trial is right now after the break. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'.
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jose baez is back with me now. jose, how do you think it is going so far? >> i think it is going as expected. i didn't expect the prosecution to be doing this well in terms of working with what they have. i think they've done an excellent job in that. but i still think there's a tremendous lack of evidence to be able to prove second degree murder here. >> do you think there's more and more speculation now that mark owe mara will not put george zimmerman on the stand? what do you think? >> i don't see why he should. you will have videotape statements from him where he is walking through the scene. he has already given -- you have seen audio. there is written statement. there's a plethora of evidence
10:55 am
from george zimmerman himself that is not subject to cross-examination. so why put him to the test. whenever you put a defendant on, it is a one-witness trial at that point. if the jury doesn't like him or believe him, he is going down at that point. so i don't see the -- i don't see any reason to put him on. >> if the prosecution doesn't put any of those george zimmerman, you know, testimonials in front of the jury, can mark o' mara do it? >> well that's the thing. he can't be done to avoid it but it is already in. the witness that is testifying now admitted his taped statements that evening and written statements that evening. so his statements are already in evidence. and next wur you're going to see videos. then perhaps the fox news's may come in for the prosecution. it there may be no reason to put him on, except to possibly lose
10:56 am
the case. >> no talk now about how legal analyst or all that really matters is how the jury sees it. but don't see second degree murder charge made out here. they just don't see the evidence of that debrave indifference to human life. however there is a question about manslaughter. is that a meaningful distinction for mr. zimmerman? how long would he be looking at with manslaughter? do you believe the state is making a manslaughter case? >> i think they are. it is extremely meaningful to george zimmerman because he faces maximum of 15 years in prison. i think this judge will certainly give him towards the higher end of that 15 years. so it is a significant issue. now remember with all of the lesserncluded offenses, there are multiple others. and all the state has to do is ask for them. and it could go all the way from second degree murder all wait down to simple battery, misdemeanor. >> a lot of people thought that casey anthony was guilty too. but you got her acquitted. so you see things sometimes that --
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>> it was questions on tape about him needing medical care. that was a concern of his, was it not? at least at one point? >> yes, at one point he said he wasn't sure if he should go. >> okay. but it was such you talked about
11:05 am
it and he was willing to continue with the interview rather than go to the hospital, correct? >> yes. >> did that cause you any concern? >> no, only because fda had already seen him. i assumed they had said it was okay for him to come to the police department if he had. >> okay. during the interview with you -- and i know you will defer to the tape, but since you were the one sort of three dimensional there with him, did he evidence that he was angry with trayvon martin? >> no. >> that he had hatred for him? >> no. >> spite or ill will? >> no. >> that he had anything that would suggest to you some type of bad attitude towards trayvon martin? >> no. >> rather he seemed to be affected by the fact that he realized trayvon martin had passed? >> he seemed affected by that.
11:06 am
>> you were, aside from officer tim officer to have a detailed conversation or any conversation about this case, right? >> yes. >> and now about, you dwaf us the time, but tell us again if you can, if you recall the timing of it? >> it was about 8:00. so probably about prior to 9:00, maybe i was speaking to him. >> and this happened at 7:15, 7:30, he was transported to be seen by medical. you got to him within an hour and a half of the event? >> i believe so. >> do you know if he had contact with anybody else? >> i don't know. i only know what was told to me. >> and that was? >> rescue, police. that was all i knew about it. >> and he was in police control,
11:07 am
or custody, literally from the scene forward, was he not? >> yes. and his phone was taken from him, correct? >> yes. >> mention was made, first of all, it took the statements, correct, heard that and asked to do a written statement. why have both? >> asked me to have it put on a written statement. i believe chris serino asked me to put it on a written statement as well. >> is that microphone very sensitive? if you get more than five inches or so, it is better. so if there is a range in there. if you can do that, it will help the jury. >> i'll try. >> thank you. >> okay. you've had a chance to look at both of those statements, correct? >> yes. >> and of course you heard those
11:08 am
today and you even -- i'm sorry, you heard the tape today and you even had to read the second one today, correct? >> i don't recall having read the written one today. >> okay. in nine years or so of law enforcement experience, did you notice any significant inconsistencies in those two statements? >> significant? no. >> but there were certainly some, weren't there? >> i'm sure there's some. >> is that in your business? >> yeah. tell you the same thing twice each time? >> why is that? >> well, i don't know. just telling a story, you don't tell it the exact same way each time. >> so was that consistent he was lying on one or -- >> well, i couldn't have made that determination then, because i hadn't read the statement. >> right now.
11:09 am
>> right now, no, i don't see any significant differences. >> in taking multiple statements from witnesses, sometimes there are differences? >> yes. >> how about witnesses who have gone through traumatic events. does that affect their ability to recount stories? >> yes. >> why is that? >> and being interviewed by two different people, it is sometimes different. >> how does a traumatic event sometimes change their stories multiple times. >> i'm not sure how it works. i just know that it happens. >> you were present during officers serino -- or the statement he gave officer serino as well, correct? >> yes. >> did you notice significant differences in that statement as compared to these two? >> not significant, no. >> but some minor changes.
11:10 am
>> some minor differences, yes. >> do you recall what they were? >> i remember one where he told me he walked awean in the interview when he looked at the tape, he said that he ran away. like he was running. >> so, he, you are talking about, at one point he told you, he being george zimmerman, told you that trayvon martin walked way. >> walked between houses. >> walked between houses. yet, a review of investigator serino's statement suggest he told investigator serino that trayvon martin had run away. is that the difference that you noted? >> right. and what he had said on dispatch is that he ran. >> i was going to say, we know from previous evidence that the dispatch nonemergency call suggests that he ran away. and you are aware of that, aren't you? >> yes. >> that was a difference that you noted? >> yes.
11:11 am
>> is that significant? >> no. >> why not? >> because they just assume that had come in and out, at left twice according to him. and whether or not he was running or walking i don't think was -- mattered. >> okay. >> do you attach when you look at different statement and determine whether or not the differences are significant, do you attach to those differences whether or not they they helped tell a narrative, might be beneficial to a witness or opposed to another witness, is that part of what you look at? >> it is part of what we look at. >> so if running or walking isn't part of the narrative, it doesn't catch you as a significant difference? >> it had been prior to -- the running and walking occurred prior to when we knew on the 911 call he had lost sight of him. so it wouldn't have changed
11:12 am
anything. that why i didn't feel it was that important. >> okay. >> when he said he walked through, because he wasn't sure of the name of the street he had just left, did that cause you any concern? >> i thought that as a neighborhood watch person, he would have known the names of the streets. >> so tell me what, how you absorb that or what you thought about that. >> i was wondering if he was wanting to get in the car. >> okay. >> have you had a chance to go down by the scene to see whether or not there is street signs at that area? >> i know there are no street signs where he said that he parked. >> okay. >> we are going to squeeze in a quick break. what was supposed to be a witness for the prosecution is now sounding like a witness for
11:13 am
defense upon cross-examination. we'll be right back.
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
resuming testimony now with officer doris singleton who was one of the first people to interview george zimmerman on the night of trayvon martin's killing. let's take a listen as the defense continues its cross-examination. >> you had stated that there were two things that i want to focus you on. at one point you stated that mr. zimmerman told you that he thought trayvon martin might have come from some bushes. >> yes. >> is that correct? and then, you also stated that he had said to you that it wasn't really exactly aware of where he came from. >> yes. >> is that just him attempting to explain things to you -- >> i didn't think it was significant.
11:17 am
because he said it was dark out there. >> you see the pictures out there that night, right? >> yes. >> would you agree if i use the term pitch black, that it was pretty much pitch black out there. >> yes. >> and you know that there are no -- there are bushes out there, correct? >> there's bushes, i believe, on the end of the buildings. >> hold on just a moment, your honor. and also i believe, there are bou bushes around people with air conditioners as well, there are bushes around them as well. >>. [ inaudible ] >> there's no objection. >> for ease of use. >> do you want them as a composite exhibit or individually? >> having individuals -- [ inaudible ]
11:18 am
>> one of them, i don't know which one, it will come in as exhibit 21. second one will come in as defense exhibit 22. >> thank you, your honor. >> may i approach the witness, your honor? >> yes, you may. >> officer, i will show you pictures are not -- not that night, but the next day, and ask if this is what you are familiar with. i'm going to show you both 22 and 21 because they are a similar area. is that what you are talking about? >> yes, all those bushes. i believe there is probably an air conditioner back here. and this shows the end of the building. >> this is number, as we have shown to the jury -- >> 144. hh. >> 22? >> oh this one. 22. okay. i believe there's probably an air conditioner back there. some bushes there. and this is the end of the
11:19 am
building. and there's bushes along the wall. >> if you show the jury, the similar locations in exhibit 21. >> here and here. >> and again further down in front of each unit, correct? >> yes. each unit has bushes around their air conditioner. >> and there are no light in them so your view of the night time photograph -- >> no, there's no lights in the bushes. >> thank you. >> it was not a concern of yours that mr. zimmerman saw the bushes and said, he wasn't sure where he came from. >> right. >> and in the difference that could cause you any concern whatsoever? >> no, i was just looking at the bushes while we were out there trying to figure out, this kid
11:20 am
is pretty tall. like if he did come out of the bushes, where would he be coming from. >> would you agree with the pictures that we saw of that night that he could easily have simply just come out of the darkness? >> objection, speculation. >> sustained. >> nothing further then, your honor. thank you. >> redirect? >> would you think that what is significant or not significant up to the jury? >> sure. >> a subjective state of mind, right? you have an opinion, based on what he asked you -- >> yes, he asked me for my opinion. >> right. and what is important is what the jury believes, correct? >> it is important what they believe, yes. >> isn't it true, ma'am, when mr. o'mara kept asking you questioned that you had not been out to the scene at that time. >> i had never gone to the scene that night. >> and is it also true that the defendant is telling you that you person that you now
11:21 am
know, the 17-year-old boy, was alive, correct? >> i object your honor, leading. >> sustained. >> the defendant told you, i believe you told mr. o'mara, that he said, he was surprised to learn that trayvon martin was alive. >> he didn't say that. >> how did he react when you told him he was dead? >> he said, he's dead. >> that left you the impression that he thought he was alive? >> i believed that he thought that he was alive. >> and mr. zimmerman, the defendant in his statements to you, told you that he was scared of the defendant -- of mr. zimmerman -- i'm sorry, of trayvon martin? >> objection, your honor. that's a mischaracterization of evidence and testimony -- >> i will rephrase it. >> this is extraordinary. now you have the prosecution having what appears to have a somewhat hostile exchange with his own witness. he called her. but she gave some testimony very favorable to mr. zimmerman.
11:22 am
we have to take another break. my apologies. we have it pay the bills. we'll be back with more. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
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bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. you got to see this. because this has turned into a hostile questioning of his own witness. who has been very favorable to the defense. let's listen. >> -- in his heart or mind at time that he sought out, to use his word, followed, the 17-year-old unarmed boy. >> i only knew what he told me. >> you were also asked about whether there was an eyewitness or not, you hadn't interviewed anybody up to the point. >> no, i didn't speak to anybody prior to speaking with zimmerman.
11:26 am
>> mr. o'mara asked you about the screaming -- asked you a number of questions about a recording about screaming. >> yes. >> okay. mr. zimmerman, the defendant told you that he saw people out there, correct? >> yes. >> so he had to have known that if somebody was screaming, whether it was him or somebody else, somebody would have heard it. >> somebody potentially heard it because they came out and said they saw one person. >> he, the defendant, is
11:27 am
claiming it was him. you can't say whether it was him or not, can you? >> i'm sorry, i don't understand the question. >> you can't say it was mr. zimmerman screaming for help. >> i can't say that, no. >> thank you, ma'am. >> just so we are clear, talking about whether or not mr. zimmerman -- [ inaudible ] second degree murder, i wasn't asking you to speculate. i want to be very clear. what i asked you for is whether or not you had any evidence, you know what efd in the course is. so did you have any evidence to support a contention that mr. zimmerman acted in your presence in such a way that you thought was ill will. >> that's what i thought you asked me. that's what i was answering. no, he didn't evidence any of that -- >> no spite, no hatred, no animosity, did he?
11:28 am
>> if he had it, he didn't show it. >> so not speculation but just the evidence would be that you didn't see any. >> i didn't see him act with anything. >> i think you said if you were in a shooting situation, even where you just have to draw your service revolver, you would not reholster it until you were safe. is that accurate? >> i would reholster it once i believed the threat was no longer. >> like maybe when another officer came up with a flash light? >> yes. >> you knew you had back up, at that point would you feel more comfortable putting it away? >> absolutely. >> okay. when another witness came up and when you realized that the person who you just had to shoot was staying face down, would that give you good cause to believe it was now safe to reholster your weapon? >> yes. >> okay. nothing further, thank you. >> any redirect? >> what you are saying, at the
11:29 am
time you interviewed him, he did not show ill will or hatred, correct? >> right. >> okay. because he, mr. zimmerman, was trying to convince you that he hadn't done anything wrong, right? >> i asked him to tell me what happened. yes. >> thank you. >>. [ inaudible ] >> thanks, your honor. >> can i ask a question before you make that decision. >> yes. >> what you are witnessing there, is sort of a textbook cross-examination. mark o'mara is taking language right out of self-defense statutes in florida and trying to get one of the state's key witnesses to confirm his client did not have ill will or spite or malice in his heart at the time of the shooting. or moments thereafter, as you heard the prosecutor try to point out saying, she is giving an assessment based on her interview of mr. zimmerman moment after the shooting. she wasn't there during the shooting. she wasn't in mr. zimmerman's
11:30 am
head at the time of the shooting. but you could hear o'mara, i want to get a little bit of the language so you can see for yourself. he is asking whether zimmerman seemed to have spite or ill will toward trayvon martin and officer sting elton is saying no. the jury is writing down notes, according to our in-courtroom produce are, during exchange. mr. o'mara has been doing this with other state witnesses as well. asking, did you see spite or ill will. did you see a bad attitude toward trayvon martin on the part of mr. zimmerman. answer, no. then he asked her about mr. zimmerman's reaction when zimmerman found out that trayvon martin was in fact dead. and she testified that, he shook his head. he looked down. and then she offered that testimony about the fact that he was concerned about being a catholic and how he is taught that it is always a sin to kill somebody as a catholic and she was trying to shore him up, and
11:31 am
saying, if it happened the way you say it happened, god wouldn't view that as a sin. so that speaks to the defendant's state of mind. that is what self-defense is all about and second degree murder too. what is in george zimmerman's head. was it ill will? hatred in spite? or was it somebody who believed that his own life was potentially in danger. his own life or grave bodily harm. either one had to be at the stake in order for him to justifiably pull that trigger. in three minutes, they will put on chris serino. the guy we see in the walk through and that will be critical. if the defense doesn't put zimmerman on the stand. the prosecution is calling him. next. but it doesn't cover everything. only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans,
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11:34 am
fox news alert. officer detective chris serino on the stand. witness for the prosecution. let's listen.
11:35 am
>>. [ inaudible ] >> your honor, let the record reflect the officer identified the defendant. >> the record will reflect. >> were you aware that he had been interviewed by invest getter doris singleton? >> yes, sir. >> did you have a very brief interview with him right after midnight, around 12:05, or so, a.m.? >> yes, i did. >> okay. >> and before i play that, was that interview recorded in terms of an audio recorder? >> yes, sir, it was. >> okay. >> i apologize. for purposes of the record, i believe we need to introduce
11:36 am
this as the next exhibit. number 179 previously been shown to defense council, they had no objection. >> that's correct, your honor. >> okay, exhibit 179. >> -- monday, february 27, 2012. now 12:05 a.m. sanford police station -- [ inaudible ] florida, george zimmerman, correct? >> yes, sir. >> birthday. >> 10-5 -- [ inaudible ] >> education? >> associates. >> okay. [ inaudible ] >> you understand that you are not quite free to go, but you're not quite going to jail. >> yes. >> i have the gist of it all.
11:37 am
this weapon i'm showing you here -- >> yes, sir. >> you recognize this face. >> no, sir -- [ inaudible ] >> i will tell what you i got. >> okay. >> you were going to the store? >> yes. >> you saw someone suspicious. >> yes. >> someone in the neighborhood you didn't recognize you called 911. >> no, sir. nonemergency line. >> okay, nonemergency. you reported a suspicious person. >> yes, sir. >> you followed this person? >> yes, sir. >> where did this whole thing start. >> circle -- >> okay, tomorrow morning -- [ inaudible ]
11:38 am
>> when do you get off work? >> 5 p.m. >> when do you start work? >> 9:00 a.m. >> okay. 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, you get off work, call me. so we can go through this entirely. >> okay. >> who is your instructor? [ inaudible ] >> criminal justice. what -- [ inaudible ] >> okay. >>. [ inaudible ] >> what time do classes start? >> 7:30. >> we can do this in a half an hour. i want to retrace this. statutes and homicide and justifiable homicide and you are aware of them. you have a degree. you are familiar with what we are talking about here, right? >> okay. you saw this person. you walked into the darkness out
11:39 am
there. have you a flash light? >> it was dead. i have one but it was dead. >> you have to hit it a couple times. it is on now. >> oh, it is? >> yeah. this person jumped you from somewhere? >> yes, sir. >> from the darkness? >> yes. >> did he say anything to you? >> yes, sir. >> what did he say to you. >> when he came up to me, he said, you got a problem. >> and i said, no. i went to reach for my phone. find my phone to call 911, instead of nonemergency. and he punched me. he said you have a problem now. then he punched me. >> he punched, and you fell this is. >> yes, sir. >> have you injuries on your face or chest? >> my face. my head. all over my head. >> you cleaned up already? officers said you were pretty much battered. >> yes, sir. >> okay. he mounted you, basically? >> yes, sir. >> he started to beat up on you? >> yes, sir. >> at what point did you draw your weapon? >> after he hit my head against
11:40 am
the concrete several times. >> yelled for help and tried to smother -- >> who yelled for help? >> i did. >> and then what? >> he smothered my mouth and nose. when he did that, i tried to slide out and squirm. and i realiesizzed, my shirt ca up, i felt his hand slide up my right side and he said, you're going it die. that's when i grabbed it. i don't know if it was away from him, i just -- >> he was going for your gun? >> yes, sir. >> what kind of gun was it? >> pf 9. >> okay. automatic? >> yes, sir. >> what kind of ammunition. >> i think hollow. >> what happened then? >> i shot him. >> did you unholster entirely and then you shot him? >> yes, sir. >> one time? >> one time.
11:41 am
>> [ inaudible ] >> he comes up and he said, you got me. and so i, i don't remember if i pushed him or he fell. but somehow i got out from under him. and when he was hitting me, i don't know what he was hitting me with. i thought he had something in his hand. so i grabbed his hand when i was on top of him and i spread his hand away from his body because he was still talking. and i was on top of him. and that's when somebody came and they had a flash light too. and i thought it was a police officer. so i got off of him. >> what were you saying -- >> i don't know. after you got me, i don't remember. >> you are going to have anxiety over this and nightmares and everything else. you will probably have a hard time with this. i'm here for that. in between now and tomorrow, i can get you other help afterwards. but you have to get home and get some rest. is there anything else you want
11:42 am
to add? in your mind's eye, this person was over there up to no good. he jumped you, i a attacked you. you got on top of him. gun discharged. >> he said he was going to kill me. >> anything else? i'm going to -- [ inaudible ] >> investigator serino, may i approach the witness, your honor? >> investigator serino, you mentioned in the interview with the defendant that you showed him a photograph, is this the photograph you would have shown him?
11:43 am
>> i believe so, sir. >> may i show this to the jury? >> you may. >> when you showed him the photograph, he didn't know the person, correct? >> that's correct, sir. >> when you spoke to him, i want
11:44 am
to show you some photographs. [ inaudible ] no, no, no. i'm sorry. >> you see in front of you state's exhibit 64? >> yes, sir. >> and is this the condition that you observed mr. zimmerman when you spoke to him, sir? >> yes, it is. >> thank you, your honor.
11:45 am
i don't think i need the light any more. the question is, when you spoke to him, did you have any problems understanding him when he spoke to you. >> no, sir, i did not. >> did he have any problems understanding you, sir? >> no, sir. >> did you threaten him in any way in order to get him to make a statement sir? >> no, sir, i did not. >> did you give him any promises in order to get him it make statement. >> no. >> your observations of the defendant that evening, did you consider those injury to be minor, major or what? >> minor. >> you mentioned you made arrangement and in that recording to meet with him later, i guess technically the morning of the 27th, to meet with him later, is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> now later that morning before you made contact with the defendant, did you become aware after missing person report that turned out to be trayvon martin? >> yes, sir, i did. >> and did you respond back to
11:46 am
the scene and good to 2631 retreat view circle where brandy green live and where trayvon martin was staying that weekend? >> yes, i did. >> may i approach the witness again? >> there is two of them. >> showing you state's exhibit 140, when you came into contact with brandy green, and i believe also tracy martin, is that when you understood mr. martin, trayvon martin was staying, the day he got killed? >> yes, he was. >> i want it make sure i get the
11:47 am
right place. right here. >> yes, sir. >> did you end up showing tracy martin a photograph and he identified that person as his son? >> yes, he did. >> now sir, i want to draw your attention to february 27, that same day, did you later come into contact with the defendant,
11:48 am
george zimmerman, at the retreat at twin lakes, sir? >> yes, i did. >> were you present when the defendant was interviewing specifically putting up a car with sergeant randy smith and you followed with invest getter singleton and then later end up the defendant actually gets out of the vehicle and demonstrates, describes what he claims occurred? >> yes, sir. >> okay. have you reviewed that video? >> yes, i have. >> and for the record, your honor, it is state's exhibit 181 and your honor before we play it, we have instruction that we request the court to read at that time entitled, regarding rediamondbacks with state's interview with police investigators- >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, certain portions have been skiesed or redacteded based
11:49 am
on legal determinations made by the court. parts excised or redacteded, do not concern yourself of any part that is excised or redacteded. thank you. >> and with the court's permission, may we publish that to the jury now? >> this right here is going to be a defendant an sergeant smith's car, is that correct? >> yes, sir.
11:50 am
11:51 am
... ... ... ...
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
and zimmerman's reenactment on what happened the night in question continues. let's listen. >> i saw him walking back that way, and cut through the back of the houses. he looked back and noticed me and cut back through the houses. i was still on the phone with nonemergency, and then he came back and started walking up towards the grass and then came down and circled my car, and i told the operator that. he is circling my car. i didn't hear if he said anything but he had his handinside the waistband, and i think i told the officer that. and they said, where are you? and i could not remember the name of the street.
11:55 am
i dent live on this street. the circle goes in -- and i said, don't know, and he goes, well, we need an address. i said, don't know andreas. i think i gave him my address. and they said, give us directions to get to you. i said, if you tell the police to go straight at the house and make a left, my truck will be there. and asked me where he went, what direction, and i said i don't know. then i thought to get out and look for a street sign. so i got out of my car and saw -- started walking -- >> good ahead. [inaudible] >> still on known with nonemergency and i started walking. >> okay.
11:56 am
>> and -- because i didn't see a street sign here but i knew the street went through and that was retreat view circle, and he said give me the address of the house you're in front of, and there's no addresses because this is the back of the house. and i didn't see numbers at all. [inaudible] >> i got to about here, and i had a flashlight. the flashlight was dead, though. and i looked around and i didn't see anybody and i told nonemergency -- so, here's where i -- >> we got to run.
11:57 am
we'll pick this up on the other side with shepard. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, like they do in every other aspect of their lives.
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11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast in a courthouse in sanford, florida, the reenactment of the time scene. they're playing this in court. one shot by investigators with the cooperation, as you'll see, of george zimmerman, as he gives his version of events the day he shot and killed trayvon martin. let's listen. >> i could get it -- only had a small portion of my head on the concrete so i tried to squirm off the concrete, and when i did that, somebody here opened the door and i said, help me,


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